Why Choose Champion?

See below for some of the reasons why you should choose Champion.

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  1. Champion has a dedicated team of professional experts who are able to recognise and fulfil the requirements/demands of freelance contractors.
  2. Champion provide a suite of accountancy, umbrella and miscellaneous support services designed to meet the bespoke needs of freelance contractors.
  3. Champion fully understand all of the complex employment legislation that freelance contractors must contend with.
  4. Champion offers extremely competitive price points. All services are fully inclusive and have no hidden extra charges attached to them.
  5. Champion is a pro-active business that makes best use of processes and technology.
  6. Champion has robust links with selected business partners, adding value to all client relationships.
  7. Champion has a network of UK offices.
  8. Champion has 110 team members, providing professional services to clients across all UK industry sectors.
  9. Champion was established in 1971 and has a near 50 year history in the provision of accountancy and support services.
  10. Champion is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

For further information and advice please contact us or call one of our qualified advisors on 0161 703 2549.