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The deadline to submit expenses is by 14:00 two working days prior to the day you will be paid*, anything submitted after this will be processed the following week.

Call 0161 703 2549 or email info@championcontractors.co.uk

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Daily breakdown

*Total mileage declared should include mileage for return journey. If you do not know the total mileage of your journey you can click this link to check the journey mileage on Google Maps

**Please note you can only claim for mileage in a private vehicle. Please refer to the expenses guidelines for more detail.

This is not an editable field, it will be automatically calculated from the total mileage declared for every journey during the week.

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Other Details:


*If you work from home then you cannot claim for meal/subsistence expenses



Note: All receipts must be provided before any expenses can be processed. These should be emailed to info@championcontractors.co.uk, quoting your name and Champion reference number.

*An example of the expense deadline would be with payment on a Friday; this would mean submitting the expenses no later than 14:00 on the Wednesday before payment is due.

**If your circumstances have changed then please confirm any changes to sdc@championcontractors.co.uk and we will arrange for a new assessment to be issued to you.