Meet our Team: Jim McMeekin: A Pioneer in Contractor Payroll Services

This month, we’re giving our customers an insight into some of the people who make up the team at Champion Contractors.

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This month, we're giving our customers an insight into some of the people who make up the team at Champion Contractors.

The team at Champion has grown over the years, and we've got a great group of people who work hard to ensure we provide the best levels of service and compliance. Some are well known due to their frontline work with our customers, but many work equally hard behind the scenes.

To kick us off, we're highlighting our Director, Jim McMeekin.

Based in Falkirk, Scotland, Jim's early career was forged in recruitment, eventually leading him to umbrella payroll in the early 2000s.

Jim's knowledge and experiences in contract recruitment have been the driving force behind dedicating his career to guiding recruitment agencies and contractors through the intricacies and challenges of the Limited Company Contractor and Umbrella market.

Jim's journey with Champion began in 2009 when he identified a significant gap in the market for a service provider that excelled in technical support and prioritised an elevated level of customer care. Motivated by a commitment to offer contractors an ethical, honest, and transparent service, he played a pivotal role in the inception of Champion Contractors.

Central to Jim's vision was for Champion to create and develop a bespoke division that placed contractors' needs at the core of the business. This strategic move has now positioned Champion Contractors as a leading player in the industry, distinguishing itself through a commitment to transparency, compliance, and integrity.

 A genuine passion for supporting contractors characterises Jim's approach. His belief in offering a service that is not only technically superior but also built on a foundation of trust has propelled Champion Contractors to the forefront of the payroll services industry. As Jim has always said, when contractors call on Champion they can rely on a partner who prioritises their needs, ensuring they receive the highest level of support in navigating the complex landscape of contractor payroll.

When Jim's not focussing on all things payroll, you'll find him perfecting a backswing akin to Rory McIlroy.