Umbrella Tax Return FAQ

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Self-Assessment Tax Returns – Champion Umbrella Workers

Self-assessment is a system that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to collect Income Tax.

Self-assessment is also used by individuals who need to obtain rebates in circumstances where they have been overtaxed.

Relevant individuals submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) to HMRC.

Although Champion have correctly deducted Income Tax and National Insurance contributions from your gross earnings, it is possible that you can claim a rebate for the travel & subsistence costs you incurred during the 2016/17 tax year.

If you have been deemed to pass the Champion Supervision, Direction & Control (SDC) tests, and have subsequently confirmed to Champion that there was no further change to your working conditions, then it may be prudent to submit an SATR.

Note – if your travel & subsistence claims are less than £2,500 in 2016/17, the need for an SATR is replaced by the submission of a P87 form.

It is a form available from HMRC which is used to claim tax relief for employment expenses.

If required, Champion can complete the P87 form on your behalf - any rebate will be sent to you in the form of a cheque from HMRC.

The P87 submission service is free of charge until 30 September 2017. There will however be an additional charge of £75.00 plus VAT after this date

If you call 0161 703 2549 a Champion advisor will be pleased to confirm your potential rebate.

Champion will carry out the registration process for you however we will need you to complete and return a 64-8 Form that will authorise Champion to act as your agent.

Note – for both the SATR and P87 submissions, Champion will also require you to sign an engagement letter – this gives us your permission to carry out tax related work on your behalf. This will be issued to you according to the submission requirement.

Yes – this is part of the service that Champion provides to you.

There is no charge for this service – all Champion costs have been recovered within the margin detailed on your weekly/monthly payslip.

Note – there will however be a charge (see below) for individuals who fail to meet our deadline and ask Champion to compile/submit SATR’s after 01 October 2017.

Champion has set a deadline of 30 September 2017 to compile/submit your SATR to HMRC. To do this we require your help and proactivity.

If you meet the 30 September 2017 deadline, there is no charge for the Champion service.

If you fail to meet the 30 September 2017 deadline, Champion will charge you £150.00 + VAT to compile/submit your SATR.

Note – HMRC must receive a copy of your SATR no later than 31 January 2018.

Yes – all you need to do in this instance is ask Champion to provide you with a record of your 2016/17 expense claims. You will then pass this information to your own accountant.

P87 Submission- HMRC will send a cheque to Champion (or your own accountant) – this will then be posted immediately for your attention.

SATR Submission – Champion can arrange for any rebate to be paid directly into your personal bank account.

Yes - HMRC will assume that you have tax to declare/obtain in subsequent years and will require you to submit SATR’s.

Note - Champion will inform HMRC if you have no tax to declare/obtain and will formally state that no SATR is due.